Where We Live

The White family lives on the northern edge of the famous Black Hills. It is a place of extraordinary beauty. The mouth of Spearfish Canyon is only a couple of miles from our church. Yesterday, some of my family and a few members of church hiked up to devil’s bathtub. I thought I would share some of the scenes with you.

This is the actual "devil's bathtub"

Our home is actually on the prairie to the north of the Hills. This is our family in front of our home.

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  1. Yes, Spearfish Canyon is quite lovely. A friend and I drove through it back in the summer when we were vacationing in the Black Hills on our way further west.

  2. Wes, my condolences on apparently having to move to a much smaller house than you used to have… 😉

  3. I always knew you were a rock star.

    Judging from the house, your favorite politician is Margaret Thatcher.

    . . . I better quit while I’m behind.

  4. Wow, Tim, even today that’s an upscale neighborhood in Mississippi. We don’t need gated communities for security; we have real mean dawgs chained in the front yard.

  5. Thanks for sharing the pictures, Wes. It is a really beautiful place. Wow! I hope you all are able to heat that house and comfortably fit your wife and all the wee ones in your clan. It looks like the house in Ireland that my great grandparents lived in at the turn of the last century 🙂

  6. Until today, I never thought of “Little House on the Prairie” as that cool of a show.

  7. I’m surprised that no one has brought you up on charges, Wes. Something about breaking the 9th comandment;) Is a wife allowed to do that? I don’t know if any Dutch woman could ever live in a sod-house. At the very least the roof would have to be perfectly mowed.

  8. Melinda,

    BCO 35-2. A husband or wife shall not be compelled to bear testimony against one
    another in any court.

    You can’t be compelled to, but you can of your own volition!


  9. Melinda,

    If you need a prosecutor, please keep me in mind. I’ll mow through this case. When I’m through clipping the defendant, we can use him for mulch.

    Sorry, Frank. You started it.


  10. Looking at the pictures, my wife just asked, “The Whites’ house. They don’t really live there, do they?” And I thought the anesthesia had worn off from her surgery.

  11. “…for the little that a righteous man hath
    is better than the riches of many wicked…”

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