Advice on Evangelism

  1. “If you are not capable of speaking to certain individuals, and about such matters, speak to others. Begin with beggars and children, by whom you are not intimidated, and discuss general and rudimentary principles.”
  2. “If you know three words, then teach others two, even if you were only to say, ‘We are going to die, which will be followed by eternity.’ This could be a means to somebody’s conversion.”
  3. “Fruit upon your words does not come forth from you. You will not be held accountable for fruitfulness, but for faithfulness. If any does not wish to hear you, you will be able to find another who will readily hear you. If anyone laughs, another will weep.”
  4. “If someone were to wait with prophesying until he would be without sin or without obvious errors, there would be silence over the whole world, and one would not hear Christ proclaimed. . . Let it be evident that you are conscious of your failures, that you grieve over them, and do battle against them while seeking to improve in these areas. . . When you address others, include yourself; do not say you, but we. In doing so you will perceive that while using your talent, you will become more careful and be more watchful against your own sins.”
  5. “If you are overcome by a feeling of shame, press on that much more forcefully, and do not yield to such feelings — feelings which Christ will detect. As you engage in your task, you shall overcome this sense of shame.”
  6. “Laziness is another obstacle. . . Be ashamed, you who are lazy in reference to this great, glorious, and beneficial task. Consider what befell the lazy servant. Therefore be diligent and fervent in spirit.”
  7. “If our heart is but determined to be thus engaged, numerous opportunities will present themselves, and subject matter for discussion will be at hand.”
  8. “Above all, one ought to be watchful against pride and an air of superiority; otherwise there will be no edification. It must all be done in an amiable, loving and humble manner. Our conduct must be such, however, that we are serious about our intentions, have great reverence for God, and greatly esteem spiritual truths.”
  9. “One must therefore often be engaged in private prayer.”

Adapted from Wilhelmus a Brakel’s The Christian’s Reasonable Service, Vol. 1:535–357.


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  1. I love à Brakel. When I was in the US last month, I went through all my books until I found that set and brought it back to Costa Rica with me. Since I've been back, it has been a breath of fresh air to my soul. Thanks for this.

  2. Danette and I had our morning worship at Jerry’s Cakes and Donuts this morning, and being overheard by a man, we had the opportunity to share the gospel with him. He began to ask us questions about what we were reading, he had just read the same passage before coming to the donut shop. It was like Philip and the Ethiopian eunech. We had just prayed last night for opportunities to share and God was faithful! Sharing the gospel brings so much joy. I find that I often am unaware of its value until I meet someone who doesn’t have it but wants it. It’s as though my joy is incomplete until someone elses joy is. Thanks for posting this Wes.

  3. “Above all! one must be watchful against pride and an air of superiority; otherwise there will be no edification.” This is important in all areas of ones theology.

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